Can't find the special coins
As a last resort you can use the Strategy Guide to show you where they are. You'll find it here: Strategy Guide



How do I use my GamePad?
Only Xbox 360 controller is oficially supported and should automatically initialize when button A is pushed while playing. Or choose Gamepad in the menu. 



New drivers & direct X
Remember to install absolute newest drivers. 8BitBoy is build around WebGL and that is state of the art technology requiring current drivers.

Nvidia problems - run directly from folder and not Steam
If you're having trouble with performance, stability and graphics, try lauching the game directly from windows folder, instead of using Steam or the short cut made by Steam. Your game is located in Steam\steamapps\common\8bitboy\8bitboy.exe or what folder you installed to.

Maximized windows instead of fullscreen
Don't go full screen, but maximize the window manually. This helps a lot on Nvidia cards. AMD cards seems to work both ways equally good.


How do I save?

RETRO mode: Each and every level in 8BitBoy has a hidden special coin. This special coin also saves the game. Be strategic about the special coin - only pick it up when well stocked...

KIDDY mode: The game autosaves after completing each level.

The special coin also has other functions - but you have to figure that out for yourself!

Where is my save game?
The save game is only stored locally on the computer you are playing on. So if you play from another computer, you have to make a new save game.

Remember to log in with the same account every time playing, or you will not be able to find your save game.

Everything else

Why isn't there a world map?
There is - you just have to complete the first half of the game to access it!


If your question isn't here - don't hesitate to send an email